My Hunting Shop Market Place

About us

For nearly 40 years, My Hunting Shop in collaboration and Jagd Und Schießsport Obermeier GmbH Co. KG have been active contributors of the hunting and outdoor initiatives across Europe. This collaboration has provided to the hunting, shooting and outdoor communities a huge amount of alternatives and opportunities following their joined mission.

"Making your shooting experience better every day"

The traditional hunting and shooting sports, like any other sport, have been transformed by new technologies, the huge amount of new products, the increasing need/pressure to update and change, etc this has certainly a important impact on how Hunters, Shooters and Outdoor activists access and purchased their products.

My Hunting Shop Market Place.

We strongly believe that the hunting, shooting and outdoor communities can and SHOULD benefit from each others knowledge, experience and products; hence the My Hunting Shop Market Place provides a platform that allows these communities to access to the desired hunting equipment and guns from hunter to hunter, shooter to shooter or simple from buyer to seller.

With more than 100,000 people affiliated to My Hunting Shop and Jagd Und Schießsport Obermeier GmbH Co. KG who are constantly asking to be informed about our latest new and used goods, we are confident that you will sell your products at a fair price.

As a company we understand, support and facilitate the full visibility of your hunting goods/gear, whether you want to sell, buy or trade.

You will be informed about new products, new deals and particular area of interest. (when/if you wish).

Additionally, as an authorised and certified International Gun and Ammunition Dealer, we will facilitate and manage the whole international trading process when/if required.